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As waste broker, Enki offers its services to the customer to find the waste optimal allocation at the best technical and economic conditions offered by the market, interposing the best solutions between recovery and disposal plants and the most reliable logistical solutions with the best transport companies. The brokerage background is complex and requires in-depth technical knowledge of waste treatment, recovery and disposal for each individual issue dealt with. In fact, the regulatory framework is in constant evolution, including European directives, national decrees and regional laws that lay down the limits and how to approach each individual situation. By using the services of a qualified broker, the customer has a single contact reference to solve all its specific needs. Enki is listed with the Register of Environmental Managers under Category 8, unlimited Class A and during the first 5 years of activity has performed brokerage for 750,000 tons from Italy to the following countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Portugal, leaving (whenever possible) approximately 27% of the waste object of its brokerage in Italy.

Activities included inwaste brokerage and disposal:_____

Classifying and characterising the waste for recovery and/or disposal;
Transporting and shipping the waste to the recovery and/or disposal facility;
Preparation for transport, packaging and labelling;
Choice of the means of transport and routes to be used (national and/or cross-border);
Records management;
Certification of the proper disposal procedure in accordance with the regulations in force

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